A conversation on nature and stewardship, the antithesis to a busy trade show.
Interactive Fiction
Award-winning GGJ entry. Horror.
Part essay, part nature writing, I make the case for cyberspaces as legitimate venues for nature writing.
A full-length feature film script set in Tudor England.
A horrible autobiographical game by a cheap fantasist.
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Screenplay for the first episode of a commercial TV series.
Raw, experimental, autobiographical IF. Feedback appreciated.
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Living alone in the woods, a girl and her Pup prepare for winter. And being teenage.
A Comanche girl avenges her family in mythical fashion.
An isolated surveillance analyst recklessly entangles herself in the life of a turbulent family she’s monitoring.
A screenplay for a short film about a woman memorialising her lost infant in a tattoo.
An essay on the lineage of walking sim games, and how they might continue to develop.
A young woman is called upon to do her maternal duty for humanity, but who wants to raise a baby on a barren world?
An essay on absent comedy in games.
Screenplay for a short, silent scifi animation about making distant friends in videogames.