A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Work in progress produced for the Leftfield Collection 2017:


[mack-uh-naw] | noun

A peaceful island nestled in the American Great Lakes.

Prepare to learn a lot about beavers as you sit on the yielding moss to discuss nature and stewardship with her. The antithesis to a busy trade show.

Five to ten minutes respite from the feverish 21st century.

Esc to quit, S to change text speed, mouse to select.

Scene and programming by Dan Howland, writing and gameplay by Tony Jeffree

Kevin Doran is currently working on an audio system for the game, which we hope to add soon.


Mackinac for Windows 1.05 24 MB
Mackinac for Mac 1.06 43 MB


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This game is definitely something to get the "conversation" started to talk about some of our current pressing issues. I wish there were more interactions than were given to even further the direction of the convo. Most of the time, it felt like I was just sitting and reading. Other than that, I like the game and the idea behind it.