A downloadable game for Windows

Winner of the Birmingham City University GGJ 2017 Trophy.

A game about using echolocation to navigate a strange, dreamlike escape room.

Audio highly recommended. WASD to move, click to Ping, E to interact.

* Tony Jeffree
* Writer, Designer, Molyneux
* @tonyjeffree | scriptflix.co.uk
* Daniel Murphy
* Modeller, Animator
* Glynn Taylor
* Shader Writer, Programmer
* glynntaylor.co.uk
* Dan Howland
* Programmer
* @dhreaver
* Kevin Doran
* Technical Sound Designer
* gu-on.com
* George Burton
* Sound Recording Engineer
* Special Thanks to Tom Campbell
* Sound Recording Extraordinaire
* @tomwritesmusic | tomcampbellmusic.co.uk
* Additional Thanks:
* Birmingham City University and the Jam Site Organisers
* lambert1 :|


signal_win.zip 21 MB


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Short but very nicely done, voice acting was a nice touch and the experience was pretty tense. Good job!


Thanks! Lots of stuff including the ending got cut in game jam crunch, but it's great to hear that you enjoyed it :)